Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Day's End Is Just The Beginning of Another

It's been a year of total chaos, absurdity, tears, tragedy ... and relief.

True that I might have had a different vision than that of what 2011 has shown... correction: what Allah has written for us in this year... I now find myself thinking of what I might have done had all these events not occurred. I have no idea. And that's why we are encouraged to keep faith and believe in the unknown, and all that comes with it.

And now, looking back, I realize how much it's been a year of transformation to millions, especially in our Arab region. What a delight? I mean, had we ever allowed such change to enter our lives had we been hit by a brick in the head? Of course not. It took a war to bring us back to the surface.

We should be content. Regardless of the great lack of organization nowadays. As they say, Rome wasn't built in one day...

So whatever awaits us in 2012, hopefully it wouldn't be worse than Gaddafi !! May we be wise in taking our country to another, better, level. It's up to us now, all of us, the people, to make it a better place.

As far as my family are concerned, they're doing well (they say it's freezing down there). My brother passed his senior year at high school with distinction. Which is just marvellous owing to the turbulent year he's had under indiscriminate shelling and what not in Misurata. It's fair to say that the worst is over. My dad's  back at work, though things are pretty slow and still no salaries. Most of my relatives are back in Sirte either to stay or check on their houses. Some of them actually had to move for good to either Tripoli or Misurata. 

The same goes for my Pro-Gaddafi relatives (yes, they do exist after all this!) and for those of them who're back in Sirte, they remain ever so loyal to the "Martyr" Gaddafi, saying they don't want whoever doesn't want him. And we're like, "Um, Ok. Fair deal?"


It's just so sad. To think that going to Sirte, or being there, has always been a joy. And now, all I can think of is all the damage and the tension this entity of the population poses. No matter how much people tell of what it's like there in the city, I'm pretty sure it's unlike being there in person... seeing, listening, and even smelling if that makes a difference.

Yet, it's kind of refreshing, on another axis, to see that life's back to normal lately. I've heard several people I know got married, and a couple of days ago my cousin got engaged. How delightful! About time to start over... keep the engines running.

I know I've been away from social networks lately, or rather, I've maintained a limit to my availability. For my own sake, and others of course, I felt it was the right thing to do. We've been exposed to one too many this year and personally I had to pull the plug at some point. Had to and wanted to. Hoping that someday, maybe someday, I'd be back with a fresh start. And what better timing than a new year?

Happy New Year :) 

Till next 'year' !

Hana S.


  1. Once again another well written and heartfelt post. Congratulations to the Libyans for their achievements in 2011, and looking forward to many more in the coming years. Blessings to yo always, Hana for being the dynamic person you are. Continue to shine.

  2. New year and new start hope it goes always like that M.S


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