Sunday, June 26, 2011

Once Upon A Time In Libya...

Remember how we used circle around our grandmas or relatives to hear stories of the long gone past? We'd hear fascinating tales, both true and fantasy... all for the cause of getting a moral out of previous experiences.

Definitely, many Libyans around the globe, and in Libya too, are longing for such a gathering with family and loved ones... wanting to hear tales and accounts from those who have lived February 17th revolution.

Every time I contact my family in Misurata, I am told, "When we get together, we'll tell you all about it." And I can't wait. Though they've been leaking some stories every now and then, I would wish they were in front of me, so I could see their expressions, their true emotions as they recall the horrors of a tyrannic regime.

They are now glad that the situation is less dangerous than it was a few months ago in Misurata. Now they can freely wander about the city, visit relatives, go shopping, and see the remnant destruction of complete barbarians. 

As much as they're happy with their proclaimed freedom, as much as their major worry now is channeled towards the Freedom Fighters in the front lines. It is with Allah's mercy that these days the weather's quite mild for the month of June, and they keep praying for better weather to ease up their burden.

Yes, our neighborhood had its share from all the chaos. Two of our close neighbors were injured. One was shot by a sniper driving by in his car, another fell down an elevator shaft from the fourth floor while escaping Gaddafi thugs. Both survived miraculously. The former was taken to Egypt for medication, where he had one of his kidneys removed; the latter was lucky enough to have a visiting Italian surgeon operate on him before he was whisked to Tunisia. Incredible indeed.

Another neighbor was killed by a foreign mercenary (sadly from an Arab country). When the mercenary was captured, they took him to the mother of the deceased, where she took her revenge by killing him with her own hands.

Horrific, isn't it?

Well, there's more...

It's antagonizing to know that liberated cities such as Benghazi and Misurata are still suffering from Pro-Gaddafi loyals who seem to operate behind closed doors.

My sister said that in Misurata, certain areas have been volunteering to provide Freedom Fighters on the front lines with meals and any kind of supplies they might require. It was sad to hear that some food almost took the lives of those who ate it. It was poisoned. Another tale? Freedom Fighters received a Libyan pasty called "Sfinz", but couldn't eat it as fighting had commenced. When they returned, they found a cat lying motionless after it had eaten from that pasty...

So eerie and depressing.

Freedom Fighters even discovered that an old lady was firing an RPG from her house! I mean, what the Hell is that?! 


One can only pray for our fighters' safety from these goons... I mean... Gaddafi is a goner no question to that inshallah... what are they still clinging on to?

That's merely proof of what this regime is all about. A bunch of lousy people being herded like goats with Gaddafi's stick...

 We ask Allah for peace نسأل الله السلام

Till next time

Hana S.


  1. Nice blog .Following it !
    Everything be FINEEEEEEEE ,Insha Allah .

  2. Thank you. Hoping for the best always...

  3. Sure ! Hope is another name of life . Visit my blog too ,If you have time !It is not fully political ,tough .

    It is my pleasure talking with you via blog's comments . I am knowing many thing which BBC and CNN is not telling . Talking with real Libyan is way better . Does not matter your views are different or we have argument .It is JUST HEALTHY !

    Take care ,doll!
    All the best for EVERYTHING .

  4. In spite of everything, Libya has been an inspiration. History will remember the revolution with great pride and admiration.


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