Friday, May 20, 2011

Sirte The Stigma... Till When?

So last post was more like a second rant of some sort, and I feel the liberty to do so once I'm sensing injustice. Don't you?

Now, some might think, "Why can't she focus on the fighting going on in Libya, rather than racial conflicts?" Well, the answer is, I'm focusing on both. They go parallel in terms of importance. I mean, it's a hard thing to ignore once you find yourself subject to it almost everyday on facebook, and in real life before that. This to me is more like a challenge I intend on taking. The challenge to free us Sertawis from the misconceptions and myths that tag us around.

Some days ago, I mentioned on Twitter that I was working on establishing a page devoted to news from Sirte. The page is up and running since last Sunday. Though it's hard to get hold of any news from there these days, I think it's important that we have a voice. So far there are 17 members :) I wouldn't- didn't- expect much to begin with, because, I know truly well that they wouldn't want to be mistaken for a Pro just because they like this page. The funny thing was the page attracted a Pro-Gaddafi (who had to be kicked out due to his inappropriate conduct) so, I hope you get what I mean lol

I do hope that by fighting to clear our marred history because of him I wouldn't be misinterpreted... Sirte, as many should well know, is not just Gaddafi and his people. And I wish that once all this is over, we could finally give it a rest.

Till next time,

Hana S.


  1. Here, here! Humans are indeed silly, aren't we? Case in point, you so eloquently point out a country (Libya) uniting together for the sake of freedom, and yet still in the mist of this great task, there are underlying finger pointing still taking place within the unification of the country. Doing a great deed on one hand and still old school thinking by pointing a finger at another group for merely their geographical location and perceived past way of thinking. One can never out grow another's imagine of themself until the one with the imagine changes their thought.

    Support you 100%, and your efforts to move forward and transcend outdated means of thinking.

    “It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else's eyes.” ~Sally Fields

  2. The article("entanglement-of-humanity-for-oil-gold") provides the most detailed assessment so far of civilian deaths in the name of
    democracy by some perpetrators.

  3. one thing : Why NATO bombed and killed the Qaddafi's son and grand children .Where those children terrorist ? Forget his son .But for Allah's sake those children were not animals!

  4. Hi Izdiher,

    Well, it's sad when innocent lives are lost during war. Libya's at war right now... and if Gaddafi listened to what the vast majority of his people wanted from him, no member from his family would've been killed. Besides, he knew that his compound was being targeted by bombs... why did he bring his grandchildren there? Think about it.

    It amazes me that you only seem to care about those who died from Gaddafi's family, and not caring for almost 15,000 others who were killed by Gaddafi's relentless regime. Did you know that in Misurata only, almost 7000 people died? and almost 7000 are injured? Who's the bad guy here... NATO or Gaddafi?

    I do respect your choices in life,

    Hana S.

  5. يا بنغازي

    يابنغازي يا بنغازي
    الناتو في ليبيا يرازي
    يا أهلنا ما تنخدعون
    ...بمجلس مصنوع من كرتون
    يا بنغازي ليبيا شعب
    أحفاد عمر المختار
    ما يصير ليبيا تنهار
    والأمريكان يحرقوها بالنار
    يا بنغازي لكم تاريخ
    في ليبيا نزلت صواريخ
    وأنتوما أهل الدار
    تحموها من جرذان العار

    I am not saying that only they were children and innocent Libyans are not . I totally agree with you .I never support NATO. Believe me the are our enemy not HIM . Why are these ''rebels'' wanting NATO to bomb and kill their own people?

    The situation in Libya is not as black as Obama and his NATO allies are trying to paint it. However, now that the US Senate has given Obama permission to extend the operation in Libya for another year.

  6. The question is not whether we support NATO or not, the question is, how can some people think that resorting to foreign (foreign here means any country that is not Libya) countries' assistance is against the law? Do you honestly think we'd sit quietly while Gaddafi kills his people just because they don't want him anymore?

    Gaddafi used Libyans as well as foreign mercenaries to fight, torture, kill, rape his own people... who are Libyans! How do you explain that, I ask you...

    ربي يهدي وخلاص

  7. Oh babe,I love Libya and want it to be united ,prospering and glorious .I don't like the way rebels are portraying freedom image . Where are young men ,women ,old and children protesting ?

    Who says Qaddafi is angel?Ruling for 40 years is enough !!!!!!!!! If he would not go by himself ,Nature would kick him out . But I have my other fears ,too.

    Hope you would read this and comment ,too,which I wrote back in April .


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