Sunday, July 10, 2011

Advice From A Dying 40 Year Old

In Unity... There is strength
في الاتحـــــــــــــــاد قــــــوة

Remember that story we took when we were in third grade? The one in which a dying father advises his seven sons to remain as one after he passes away? Okay, if you don't even know it, it goes something like this in brief:

So, as I mentioned above, a dying father gathered his seven sons at his death bed for his final request. He gave each one of them a stick and asked them to break them. Naturally, the sticks broke easily. Next he showed them a bunch of seven sticks tied together and passed it to each one of them, asking them to break the bunch. Even the strongest son wasn't able to do that. That's when the father advised them to remain together as one bunch that no one can ever break, and not live as separate, vulnerable individuals..


Oddly enough, I was reminded of this story at the break of our uprising in Libya. The past 40 years or so is more like that dying father. Frail and useless, yet provided us with this one last request. To stay together as one in order to defeat our enemy and gain freedom. 

I was happy to see many of us Libyans have stuck together during these merciless events. Online and on the ground. A clear message to Gaddafi's regime that we are united as people and we love each other no matter how hard they want to tear us apart.

We have proved our strength in the battlefields, fiercely fighting our opponent. We have proved our compassion with our prayers, aid convoys, emotional support, and generous donations.

Like it or not... we are one!

It's amazing that no one has stopped to throw blame at the past generation for not reacting to the regime earlier... because we know what it's like to be in fear. We hate it -definitely not proud of that feeling- but it's a fact that we grew up realizing. And because we have respect for the previous generation, we have more than willingly marked the starting point of the end.

Once more, I'd like to shed light to the strictly monitored cities of Sirte, Sabha, Tarhuna, Juffra and many others. There will come a day. I have no idea what to expect from those on the inside, but I'm positive that those on the outside (abroad) are doing a great job supporting Feb17. 

On facebook we are a lovely family. Sirte and Sabha pages are doing well to show the true image that Gaddafi has marred for more than four decades. Admins are truly respectful and are patient with those who feel contempt just because those cities did not publicly react.

We understand their feelings, but that does not give them the right to go hating on others. It's nasty to judge something you know nothing about and to make assumptions with no evidence is equally as mean.

Can we listen to the dying 40 year old period and stick together? And then tend to pleasing our personal egos? 

Thank you.

Till next time,

Hana S.

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