Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Dreamer's Dream

Every pro-democracy seeking Libyan is now dreaming of the day when Gaddafi would be ousted... for good! So many times we've heard people saying on TV or commenting online that they want nothing but for him to go. Months have gone by since the beginning of the uprising in Libya, and this dream still remains a bit far-fetched.

Earlier today, I was chatting with a friend of my in Palestine, and we were talking about dreams, what they mean and how to interpret them. It's amazing how dreams are signs from God that, in a way or the other, assist us in determining a few things in life. Dreams sometimes give you hope, but very often scare you.

Last Saturday I dreamt that Libya was finally liberated. In the dream, it was a Friday and a Friday that preceded the beginning of Ramadan. Get it? Ramadan this year is either this coming weekend or the beginning of next week. And this Friday is the last one before the holy month!

I woke up excited and full of hope. It felt great in the dream. How would it be like in real life!?

Have you ever had a dream that really happened in real life?

The thing with me, is that I dream of wars... and they eventually happen :( Freaky, I know!

I remember back in 1998 I dreamt that Iraq was under invasion... and it was just horrible. Almost five years later in 2003 the war started there...

This yearÙˆ around February 17th, I had a horrible vision of war in Libya. In my dream, I was in my hometown Sirte at one of my aunts' house. There was a huge rumble outside, like thunder, but very bellowing it shook the whole place. I peered outside the window and saw a Beoing 747 nearing the ground. That was really weird, because, Sirte's so tiny and surely its airport's capacity wasn't suitable for such planes. The plane got eerily near to the earth and everything was so quiet all of a sudden. I looked on, horrified, as the plane crashed into a line of houses in the city. Shaking madly, I ran out of the house and found people running around with no direction. I saw my Dad and was about to tell him what I saw, but he stopped me and said that he knows and he'll deal with it.

That's about it.

Days went by and the horror materialized before my eyes as news flashes of massacres and vandalism took place in Libya. The question then was: How worse can it get?

Now we all know.

Okay, I'm not this creepy person who claims to have extra-mundane powers with dreams that come true. In most cases, it can be labeled as a gift. I only get these visions every once in a while and I value them greatly, because they offer me insight on what is to come/what to do next... so to speak.

I love how God helps us make sense of this world through dreams. They are surely a blessing and I strongly believe in that, and to contemplate them is always worth it.

But don't try too hard if you keep reaching dead ends. Sometimes, if not most of the times, they're mere ramblings of your subconsciousness.

Did you have a similar experience with dreams you'd like to share? Comment below :)

Till next 'dream',

Hana S.

  • i love how Allah helps us make sense of this world through dreams they are mere signs and i believe in them and contemplating them is always worth it

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