Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why Do We Even Bother?

It's none of my business.

                            Why should I care?

                                                No, thanks. I'm fine the way I am.


How many times have you heard these phrases and wished for real that you'd never hear them again... for a change?

Here's a better one:

Someone seizes an opportunity in an odd way and says, "I'm entitled to it. This is my share from the government."

Your share? Okay, nobody's gonna touch your share. But have you asked yourself whether you're taking it the rightful way?

Not so sure about that, eh? 

So, people start doing the same and crowding others to get their "share" or whatever (a scholarship, a loan, a car, a job...) without thinking twice of how they're approaching their goal. I'm not against seeking a better life. On the contrary. I'm just referring to those who slip tips inside their applications (per se) or pressure an "acquaintance" to put his file on top of the others because he's got a football match he doesn't want to miss...

I mean, will you seriously be content with your gain later on?

My point exactly.

The revolution in Libya was a sensation to almost all of us (yeah, never forget them Pro-Gs). Signs of liberation and relief was quite evident in the (then) newly freed cities, namely Benghazi and Misurata. 

Question of the day: Have you ever seen a Libyan pick up a broom and clean the streets? Voluntarily??

I sure haven't.

That's the difference between living in an era ruled by Gaddafi and another one that's not. This guy never planted in us the love of our country... in his reign. He was busy tending to his theory and making sure we all knew his phrases. He also made sure we were stuck on the fact of who's better than who, this tribe or that. But when it came to some kind of problem or legislation, he'd pompously say, "It's not my problem. I granted you authority to rule yourselves so you figure it out."


And that's why, to an extent, we led a meaningless life... a life of selfishness. When we clean outside our houses, we make sure we do not exceed our doorstep (Yes, that does not include the two feet between us and our neighbors). So why do we even bother? Our leader doesn't...

He just doesn't.

Which should've made us wonder earlier than now... how did we tolerate all this?? How did we tolerate him? An unfair leader. A criminal!

So, now that he's out of our dictionaries, we are seeing brighter days and more still to come. My brother in Misurata said the city's never been this clean!! Now we care! This land is now truly ours and we're gonna make it look better so we can live better.

Cleaning the streets merely as an example of a series of my country's downfalls throughout the years. And it is but a significant event that turns the head ... that this is actually happening T___T

I'm so proud of our youths. It is sad that they did not get any schooling since February, yet, they have instead made good use of their extra time to do good. Imagine how constructive this is going to be on their characters once they become adults? Or how they're going to pass it on to the next generations... the trait of caring for our homeland.

It will not be amiss...

Till next time,

Hana S.

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