Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Identifying The Doped

Now, things in Libya seem to occur so quickly. But the road to our ultimate goal: freedom, is moving quite sluggishly (if that's ever a word!) Welcome to the land of confusion: planet earth!

Just to keep you updated before I ramble on, it's been exactly eleven days since I last contacted my family in Misurata. News from there via media and facebook is not at all comforting. We remain patient and hopeful nevertheless.

Getting back on track. 

I've numerously expressed my sympathy to the world for being exposed to the viciousness we Libyans were going through in the past... and the present. I am definitely sorry for my dear brothers and sisters either in or outside of Libya, but this is something, a battle, we know how to win if we get to grips with governing ourselves liberally. This is why I feel for those who are confused as to what's going on in Libya.

It's hard for who has recently tuned in to what's happening there. The struggle of freedom fighters to free Libya city by city, clashes with Gaddafi's forces (btw he's been missing for some time now) the UN intervention. It's all too confusing for a mind that has been minding its own business. I've received emails from Americans who want to know what we Libyans think about them Americans : | 

Then they started expressing their fear of (brace yourselves >_<) Libya bombing them back! I mean, we could've bombed France for crying out loud which is practically closer!! Meh ! -___-"

Believe it or not, questions about Libya on Yahoo Answers has escalated dramatically. The most trending form of questions is: What's going on in Libya? The most trending form of answer to that is: Check the news, dope!  (lol)

Right, this is my favorite part! Ironically, it's so amusing I could cry. The reporters in Tripoli Libya are probably cursing the day they ever set foot there, only to witness disrespect and mistreatment from Gaddafi's goons and militia. I mean, to me, they seem more like prisoners of war; puppets taken here and there to locations across Tripoli to see only the things Gaddafi wants the world to see. It's like a reality TV show about a group of people working in the media and being oppressed by government officials. Welcome to the adaptation of the life of a Libyan journalist, starring foreign personnel.

The most amusing public figure nowadays, in my POV, is probably this dude:

Musa Ibrahim/ Spokesperson of G Force


He knows exactly what he's doing, to the extent that he sweats during press conferences. The confidence! :)

He's so bright, that Anderson Cooper, after his amazing interview with Ibrahim on CNN, is among the first who intend to cover Musa's conference in which he'll be signing limited edition posters of the image above, signed: I'm so clever my head hurts xoxo

See? He's so charmed by him! ^_^

Oh, God... What am I saying @_@

Okay, anyway. That said, more is yet to unfold as we observe the collapse of this regime. It's embarrassing to all Libyans around the world, it's been so for over four decades, and we're not ready to serve a lifetime sentence under it.


Hana S.


  1. The great news is once a secret or wound has been fully opened and exposed the healing can begin. Personally I'm so excited for the Libyans of the world I can hardly stand it. And yet on the other hand saddened that it has to come to this. I can't help but believe as we watch all of this story unfold, piece by piece, before us we'll see God's work in it all. :-) As always blessings to you and your family.

  2. You're right, Barbie. We're keeping our spirits high and faith in Allah's ability strong.

    Thank you for being here as always :)


    Hana S.


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