Sunday, March 27, 2011

People You Love To Hate

There's this saying: I don't love you, but I can't live without you

لا بحبك ولا بقدر على بعدك

And it suits the G Forces perfectly... G Force, as in Gaddafi Forces, not the disney movie about rodents. We don't want to offend anyway if you know what I'm saying. 

They don't love the Libyans, the ones who have finally decided to speak out and stand for their rights, the revolutionaries, who have been on drugs to help them on their mission. No. But they still can't live without em! They don't wanna leave Libya. They claim to be Libyans and they wanna die on Libyan coil.


Here's a heads up to whoever is around them at the moment, please do them the honor and end our strife. This is getting longer than The Lord of The Rings' trilogy for crying out loud!!

Still, no word from my family in Misurata. It's simply devastating there. Yesterday I read something on facebook saying bombings near the area where my family is... sometimes I wish I never knew stuff like that, and that I'd be better off praying my loved ones are well without actually knowing what's going on.

But then, knowing something here and now is always better than knowing it later and regretting not knowing.

Made sense?

So, my relatives in Sirte, who seem to be living a privileged life CF others in Libya - in terms of normality, schools are still open, they still got cell phone and land line connection- keep telling us not to worry. At times it's hard to believe; others, you'd just think that it's got to do with CIA eaves dropping on us (yeah, 'eaves dropping' sounds kinda innocent in this context *rolls her eyes*) and they don't want to go mentioning stuff for safety reasons. I don't blame them. It's funny when they go, "Don't

It's scary. In a city where most of its population are his allies, one would only keep to himself, given that others think that wise too. They're probably hesitant (which has taken quite a loooong time, I must say) to speak out. No, it's not probably, it's definitely!

I wonder if I'll be writing a post about Sirte and the stories I know about it, about the Gedadfa. And I wonder, if by the time I say I even have relatives who are from that tribe, people would reconsider me as an acquaintance... (I'm thinking: delete! delete! from facebook! lol)

I'm totally serious!! There's this thing about being from Sirte, that... wait a minute. Am I gonna start talking about it right now?

Nah. There's always another time, inshallah :)

Oh, and one more thing. The people whom you love to hate are the ones you hate to love. ;)

So till then,

Hana S.

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