Saturday, March 19, 2011

In Times Like These

Sadly enough, I get to kick off my new blog when my loved one's are in distress.

Libya, my beloved country, is in agony...

Yes. In times like these, words seem to lose their way to my mind.

It's been a month since Feb 17th revolution took place and it's still going. There's no stopping a Libyan who wants freedom. Since it sparked, it's gotta find its way till the end. And there will be an end.

A happy one.

I've lost contact with my family and friends in Libya. It's been five days since I last heard from my family in Misurata... the phones are dead. No internet connection: the only means I was able to check on my friends in Tripoli.

I'm scared for everyone there. 

My aunt in Sirt keeps us informed about my family now (internal calls are possible at times). Still, it's not the same as hearing their voices and knowing for sure they're OK. Even though they might be physically all right, it's the mental part I'm worried about. I mean, seeing the bombings on TV shatters me to pieces, so what with them being a mile away from the locations being targeted.

It's surreal. Seeing the streets where I used to peacefully drive to work or to the shops...

Makes my mind go blank.

Today I heard from no one back home. This is definitely my worst nightmare.

The only thing I can do best at the moment is pray for their safety and to all those brave fighters who have nothing to lose but to go back to what they've been suffering from. And there's no turning back.

Till next time,

Hana S.

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