Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Don't Even Stop To Think!!

This is incredible... makes me sick!

Now that we know which Libyan cities in particular have defied Gaddafi's regime, and which hadn't, there's this stupid talk going on about how this city is better than that coz it's got the MEN, therefore promoting hate towards the other cities, which also has men. Apparently not men enough to lash out and riot.

Libyans know truly well the capacity of Gaddafi's regime. In a city like Sirte, you can see, hear, and feel that. In a country like Libya where people knew nothing but keeping their mouth shut every time a year goes by and September 1st comes with its parades.

Yes, many cities have not spoken out yet, or ever will during the regime's final period, but we haven't heard their reasons why.

Is that asking too much? Should we just regard it as cowardice? Or is there a greater force that rendered them silent?

So many questions on our minds... so little time and ability to know.

Hana S.

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