Saturday, April 16, 2011

Free Libya With Grudge

I'm from Tripoli. Tripoli's the best!

I'm from Brega. Brega's the best!

I'm from Zawiya. Zawiya's the best!

I'm from the east!    
   I'm from the west

Ya3ni, will racism end with Gaddafi?

This makes me think ahead for real. If this is how many of us are reflecting on current events, then we're in for disaster.

Saif Al-Gaddafi's first speech still rings loud and clear in our heads. There will be a civil war... There will be a divide...

There had been an uproar back then that we Libyans reject the idea of a divided Libya.

So what's going on??

How is it many members in facebook groups insist on shedding light to the unbalance between cities in Libya, the ones that have demonstrated publicly and the ones that have not. Are we that bad a people to focus on who's in and who's not, forgetting that our main enemy here is mutual? That there's a rising death of Libyans?

Libyans. Not people from Zawiya. Not people from Misrata. Libyans.

Stop claiming that these cities are the ultimate possessions of their inhabitants. All cities in Libya comprise of different tribes and nationalities. We have Egyptians, Morrocans and Palestinians that have died in this crisis. Mainly in Misurata.

But as we are going through hard times, many tend to jump to conclusions and question the loyalty of neighboring cities. They have translated their silence into fear. We've all been afraid for 42 years, remember? What difference does the past two months make? Why is it a surprise? These cities do have men, but they differ from others in seizing momentum. They simply didn't seize it right. And that doesn't mean the end of the world.

My nuclear family's in Misurata, and chose to remain there despite their ability to either go to Tripoli or Sirt (where it's safer) ever since the outbreak in February. Our house in Misurata has been damaged and my family had to evacuate and live with other relatives.

I am not defending anyone. We need not rub this issue on. Some people foolishly keep threatening that when the war's over, they'll take revenge from the "sleeping" cities.

Great. Go ahead and start another war! Let your personal grudges free Libya ...

This is not a tribal war. Don't make it sound like one.

Till next time,

Hana S.


  1. Maybe what you are saying is true...but some people are highlighting their towns to make people aware that they are with the revolution. It's ok to be proud of where you are from, but the problem is when it turns into arrogance.

  2. Fair enough Ezzawi.

    I noticed that people from certain cities are top contributors on social networks... it's a bit harsh to think that others remain silent in fear of being ridiculed?

    Just sayin' ...

    Thanks for passing by :)


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