Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gaddafi And The Fortune Teller

Fortune telling.

The art of predicting the future... divination... A fascinating field for the weak spirited.

This a personal POV blog (so don't judge me!) I mean, we're all aware of the consequences of such practice on a person's life.

During my frequent visits to family in Sirt, I got a very thick dose of what it's like to live in a multi-cutural city. And by saying that I mean a mixture of backgrounds; the openminded verses the conservative (that's another long story). It's amazing how different lifestyles the people are leading there, and they still manage to get along together with incredible balance.

My mom being from Tripoli, dad from Sirt, grandmothers from Misrata, relatives in Benghazi, unknown roots in the States @_@ There's good material for a novel series here, a lot of stories to tell I must say.

When my Sertawi (adj. from Sirt) grandfather passed away in 1997, I had no inkling of the great family discoveries I'd encounter during his funeral. Being introduced to my distant relatives from the Gedadfa tribe.

I never knew dad had half cousins within that entity.

It didn't bother me. They were interesting people. Though different from my family in terms of lifestyle and values. They are known to be rough and passionate at the same time.

Among these people spreads a story that is told with awkward discretion. Which makes you realize a gap in their loyalty, if ever it existed...

The story tells of Gaddafi consulting a fortune teller, a female one (Tagza or tagaza as we say in Libya) many years ago, wanting to know what lay ahead for him.

The Tagza looked him square in the face and said that his reign would last forty years, marking the end of him and his regime.

Other narrations say that this Tagza had predicted this on her own accord and she made sure he got the message.

It is also said that Gaddafi laughed it off and rewarded her generously despite the negative premonition of her inner eye.

In 2009, we saw Sept 1st celebration go by. Many who have heard the story were like, "There goes the premonition!" and we're back to leading our miserable lives.

But here we are a little over a year after that, and I'm thinking about this again. It all might seem to make sense, had the story been true, because there's no clear verification that it was. Which leads me to conclude, drawing 'weak spirited' people's attention to:

Soothsayers lie no matter how accurate their predictions.

I do believe, though, in visions. Some kind of prophecy. And had this lady been telling one, then Alah is proving her right. And until I get hold of my main source to the story, we'll leave it to that.

Till next time,

Hana S.

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