Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Fled To Save My Sanity...

What are you lookin' at?

Time flies and we're pushing into yet another month of crisis. Thousands of Libyans abroad are naturally either glued to their PCs or TVs for information, and basically the prolonged devastation is a cause of worry.

Ever since the protests began back in February, there were talks of the possibility that students' sponsorships would be cut... this led me to think whether this would be in effect only upon those opposing Gaddafi's regime and expressed so openly. Because, word has it, that a lot of Libyan students were paid a generous amount of money to go out in supportive protests for the 'decaying' regime. It's quite worrying because some say that they've been paid with the money which should've been paid to other students to survive.

It's crazy how the news keep flying by the minute all around facebook. There are hundreds of pages and groups that are dedicated to connect the outside world with the inside of Libya, that you just don't know which to like or follow!! @_@

Now my ongoing confusion during these events is the phone calls I get from my aunt in Sirt. One of my friends actually told that he would love to meet her! lol *sigh* Seeing that it's impossible to do it online, I'll give you a quick idea about her.

She's the youngest of my Mom's siblings, hard-headed, funny, widowed in 2007, has 8 kids and she makes sure to be the informed to inform... get it?

Remember Gaddafi's first appearance? Yeah, the 'Me and my umbrella -ella- ella' one as my friend likes to call it.

That's when Libyans were being told not to believe channels like Aljazeera, to the extent that even a sheikh in Libya stated a Fatwa (some kind of ruling system in Islam that would prohibit something) not to watch these channels. So, yeah, my aunt as well as relatives and friends in Libya keep telling us not to watch them as they are spreading lies.

I mean, the sole purpose of the whole revolution is to oust a liar along with his lying regime, and now they want us to listen to their lies about lying channels??!

That's asking too much.

Where's freedom of expression??

One of the best mottos in life is: Do what you please as long as you do not offend others or yourself.

I know this might sound like it's got too many restrictions, but this is how it goes. Freedom has a price to it, and in order to enjoy it, one has got to follow the instructions... per se.

So, getting back to my aunt's issue- it really is- I mean, I seriously appreciate her concern and her attempt to put me at ease... but, I honestly think she's doing everything but that... unintentially! T___T

This is even weird to talk about.

I really love her ^_^ but she's a tad bit of a drama queen when it comes to tension.

Wow... she's now become a public figure XP I wonder how she'll feel about that?

Yesterday she called again and said there were rumors about my family and I fleeing to China.


My family can't even move 20km out of Misurata!! And she knows I haven't been directly in touch with them so she feels it's safe stuff like: "According to a very reliable source, your folks are fine and they're in a refugee camp..." I swear my mind went blank at that!! "... and that they'll be arriving to Sirt any day now."


The only way to deal with this is by nodding (I know she can't see, but maybe she'll sense it in my voice?) and saying she's right and all will be fine.

Where does that leave me? On the verge of insanity!

By the time I think I'm getting into terms with all the chaos back home, you know, being your very own shrink and getting your own self your own medication...


I need to stop. To save my sanity.

Till next time,

Hana S.


  1. Think about it this way ... she knows her phone is under surveillance and the ghaddafi regimes has a tracking system for mobile calls. So she can't say anything against the regime on a phone that is registered in her name and is probably trying to send you a hint without getting in trouble.
    Best thing to do is to stop calling her and if she calls just listen and don't push her for any info ... ;)

  2. Heehee right on PH. I'm fully aware of the surveillance going on, but I'm just worried about my aunt's sanity!!

    Like we say: They told a lie and believed it?

    I wonder how she'll do as a military commander? XP

    Thanks for passing by!

    Hana S.


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