Monday, May 2, 2011


With today's news of Bin Laden being dead, one would only think how worse this year could get!!

Do they seriously think we're buying their scheme? "Oh, look! We got Bin Laden and he's dead. Mission accomplished. Let's head home." Don't we all know they were heading home in the first place?!! Which is lame because why would they leave without finishing their initial job - getting rid of BL- but wait a second! On our way out we ran into him and killed him!

-_____-"  Ugh!

So last Saturday Gaddafi's son, Saif Al-Arab (or Al-Urouba)... like we'll ever know!..., died due to NATO'S raid on their residence in Tripoli. *sigh*

As weird as it gets...

Why does it have to get more and more complicated? This regime is worse than anything in history. Epidemic-G ... an oozing substance that's seeping through everything... everywhere!... destructively.

For a very long time now we've been absorbing their atrocity. We ain't sponges of excellent quality when it comes to absorbing a little bit more of them. 

We're bored. We want this to end... but not just like that. We want it to end the way we want it. 

A free land, with a dark history of invasions...

If we are the rats...

Then we can't wait for the day our big cat gets caught!!

Nuf said B-/

I'm kinda worried about the future of this blog, because writing about this epidemic is so... sickening!

But till next time anyway,

Hana S.

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