Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gaddafi: Livin' La Vida Loca!

"Unbelievable sights... indescribable feeling."

To all of you who are familiar with Disney's Aladdin, then you pretty much know that part of the soundtrack.

Except, when Jasmine sang that verse, she was beyond happy, taking in the spectacular views of the world's wonders.

The one I'm singing is quite on the contrary. I don't see trees of green when I watch reports on Libya, nor clouds of white. I see destruction, men torn apart, children crying, women screaming ... those are my "Unbelievable sights". 

How come a whole community gets to suffer just because of a wretched individual who's got psychological issues?? One person!? 

Remember how it's like when there's an elderly in a family whose mind is outta this world? Other members ignore his actions and keep treating him with kindness... because!... he's of no danger to anyone. Well, of course unless relatives don't watch over him and make sure he gets his meds on time.

But this... this... grrr! (guy) is too much.

Back in the days during 'his' so called revolution, Libyans thought they were in for a real deal of freedom. Freedom from a foreign occupation that lasted decades, preceded by another which lasted centuries (The Othomons). So, year by year, it dawned at them that what was supposed to be ultimate freedom to the mass turned out to be a building empire at Gaddafi's disposal.

How ironic.

He became engulfed with the international attention he'd been receiving and thought he'd play with it... on our very own expense. Allow me to take you back with the word again. Remember. Remember when every time you introduced yourself as a Libyan, people would either mistake you for a Lebanese, or instantly say, "Ooooh, Gaddafi? Blood sucker?"


Imagine hearing that when you were a kid. I did. And it didn't make sense because I wasn't aware yet of his doings both inside and out of Libya. And most naturally, I get to understand later on why my folks have been giving vague responses once asked.

Well now I know.

During my frequent visits to Libya in the past, I used to feel sorry for the country. Not because of its government - Apparently there wasn't any- but because of the state it was in. When I left, my vivid memory of Libya was that of sand, sand and more sand, large scary ants, and looong weary drives from one city to the other.

I loved that memory of mine. And I secretly resented the change that took place in areas where I used to play in the sand dunes, that have overnight turned into buildings and roads. Ah, well.

Change in Libya, terribly slow as it was, happened quite recently. For example, Libya in 2000 was different from that in 2005. Man, I feel so sorry for the long gone generations who have lived through the hard times.

It's all been blamed on the UN sanctions that were lifted in 2000. Okay, so the country lived in near poverty during which... but that wasn't apparent on Gaddafi or his family. Their appearances in Europe! Their assets!

And when Feb17 movement errupted he asked his 'Trumpets' to go out and dance, sing... and get ready. In other words: Livin' la vida loca (Living the life crazy) Evidence of his command can be seen live almost every night on Libyan State tv from Bab Alaziziya (Gaddafi's crib). Let alone the crimes his mercenaries have committed around Libya. 

Live your vidas as loca-listically as you like... we will not forgive.

Till next time,

Hana S.


  1. Salam Hana,
    Once again well written. I love to read your post as they are very informative and heartfelt. Keep it up. :-)

  2. Thank you Sweet Barbie for your ongoing support ^_^

    Luv n hugz for Amira xxx


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