Sunday, May 8, 2011

What Makes A Freedom Fighter

We have a saying in Arabic...

فاقد الشئ لا يعطيه

He who is deprived of something does not give it

Get it?


That's not one of my favorite sayings, because I don't entirely believe in it.

Our youths are an excellent example of this- the contrary, that is- of giving something that they were deprived of. Freedom. Safety. Incentive to all those around them. Pride. Respect.

Willing to try.... Willing to learn.

We take moments, hours, days! to try and perceive what went wrong to a country that is rich in values and heritage. A hundred years back we were fighting, we had fighters then too. We were ridiculed. How could warriors on horseback defeat the developed and magnanimous artillery (well, it was back then) of the Italian army? And history repeats itself with our current Freedom Fighters, who lack experience in military defense, they share the same force with which our grandfather Omar Mukhtar fought with a century ago.  

So why do the Freedom Fighters lack the ability to grab a gun and save the day?

For many years, I've heard of men trying desperately to skip/flee military service in Libya. Some have actually been residing abroad for a long time, away from family and friends, just for that cause. It's all because of the horrors of the regime's military technicality. As a soldier, you are dealt by ignorant, aggressive men who think you're not a man unless you are trained to be treated like trash.

Protecting our family and land is our top priority

Now we are witnessing a battle between Gaddafi's diabolic regime, who I'm positive most of them were lucky enough to reach junior high, and the educated entity of our Libyan population who have fulfilled an educated life (regardless of how they've achieved that) and seek freedom to and a better life.

We are the ones aware of how the world is getting about, prospering, figuring out sollutions to keep things going.

Our road is paved with our worship to Allah, with our faith in that He'll guide us to our release. And that's what makes us successful in reaching our goal.


Saif said there's going to be a civil war. Did he go and see how families are assisting each other in Misurata? Giving each other emotional boost and sharing their food... Or our fellow brothers and sisters in the liberated east who are preparing to march to the far west to free Tripoli and its neighboring cities?

It's time that this regime seriously clammed it and disappeared.

It is our chance to prove what we're really made of and capable of doing. We are not worthless. God valued us when he gave us minds and souls to live. Living under this regime is not our way of saying thank you.

The going is tough...

But we're getting there... With God's will we are :)

Till then,

Hana S.

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  1. Beautiful blog! Wishing Libya and all Libyans freedom and victory soon insha'Allah. Keep your faith strong. My prayers to all of you.


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