Friday, May 20, 2011

Let Me Be... Let Libya Free

As far as I could remember, at least before the 21st century, Libya's main spite poured over Americans and the west. "America is our enemy," was Gaddafi's cliché phrase for ages every time he delivered a speech, and what made this concept more like a Libyan's motto was the American air strikes on Libya back in 1986.

There is a limit to almost everything. Even when doing good deeds one should be moderate (This is merely my POV btw)

And speaking of moderation... do I sense a decline in facebook big-mouths lately? XD I am totally ecstatic! Like whenever Libyans would come out with a video stating they're with the revolution and anti-Daffy (Gaddafi), loads of member would backlash yapping about how late these statements are and what not. Now, if that ain't aggressive and hurtful, I don't know what is.

Basically, coming from a city, which I predict would be like the last city to make a move due to the plague of Pro-Daffys there, these kinds of acts are pretty depressing and demeaning.

This was noticeable to me ever since Misurata had been liberated about a week ago (if not more?) ... Why is it people make it sound like Libya's been liberated from this antagonizing regime? Aren't there other cities facing Hell day and night?

I am not a prejudiced person, nor am I racist, but to rejoice with one's victory then start lashing at others because they're not from a victorious city is mighty incongruous. And I don't really know if I have full right to make remarks about this, but this is something that has touched me and I've seen how others on facebook (not necessarily from Sirte) were taken aback as well.

Like we don't choose our own parents, we don't choose which clan we're born into. I'm sick and tired of people turning pale every time I introduce myself as being from Sirte '___' I mean, logically, why relate a whole bunch of people to one individual?? Don't give me that "One rotten apple ruins a bunch", the other ones get rotten just because they chose to stick to it, and by that, I mean all pro-Gaddafis on this planet!


To be cont....

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Hana S.

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